Grassroots Septic: site survey, design, installation and maintenance of septic systems
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Septic System Services


Grassroots Septic took care of every aspect in respect of our septic system, from the initial site survey to design and install. We were involved throughout the process and decision-making which really helped us understand our system. Peter Butterworth was totally reliable and completely fulfilled every commitment he made to our complete satisfaction. I would recommend Grassroots Septic to anyone needing help with a septic system. - Walt, Surrey

We have the professional expertise and reliability to:

A Grassroots Septic "naturally responsible" solution will give you the latest in technology, meet or exceed all current regulatory requirements and provide:

  • Your cost-effective Septic System solution that safeguards your family
  • Your reliable and long-lasting Septic System solution that adds value to your real estate investment
  • Your environmentally effective Septic System solution.

Surveying property
1. Site Survey - for a Septic System

We will survey your property and advise on its suitability for a modern septic system based on your anticipated needs. At this point we can tell you if it is going to be possible to meet current regulations and general areas of layout. This can be done for bare land or for property with existing structures on. Dependent on your requirements, we can also carry out percolation tests and soil analysis.

2. Design - of a septic System

During this process we will carry out:

  1. 4 percolation tests
  2. 2 test pits and full soils analysis
  3. A home owner survey with detailed usage or potential usage analysis
  4. A recommendation for the septic system process i.e. gravity, pressure or sand mound and type of system i.e. 1, 2 or 3.
  5. A full engineered system design with full written analysis and scale drawings
  6. A local Health Authority filing with stamped off design
  7. Provide an owner's handbook, to include a maintenance plan and owner action plan.

A full-written explanation of work will be provided to you prior to any commencement of work that is mutually agreeable.

We can do this either as a stand-alone requirement - i.e. design without install - or as a design-and-install process.

Installation of septic system
3. Installation - of a Septic System

This process would involve the installation of a modern system from either a certified designer or from a Grassroots Septic design. During this process Grassroots Septic would:

  1. lay out system from the proposed design
  2. source and deliver to the job site all equipment required for the design
  3. provide all necessary equipment e.g. excavator, compactor
  4. carry out all excavation work and ground preparation for the system
  5. Provide all necessary gravel, sand or fill as required
  6. install all components of the system
  7. provide a certified electrician for any electrical work
  8. test system to ensure it is working
  9. provide an owners handbook (if not provided by the designer)
  10. work with the designer to overcome any obstacle to install e.g. rock in the way of proposed tank locating.
  11. backfill all excavations to original top cover
In short we will complete the system from start to finish ensuring the system is installed to code and is functioning.

We can also work with you, the home owner, on a supervisory basis or with the install if you wish to provide equipment such as an excavator to ensure you the maximum cost effectiveness.

Please note that the recent change to the regulations that clarify the ability of a homeowner to install his own system also stipulate that the install process must be supervised by an authorised person.

4. Maintenance - of a Septic System

During this process we would:

  • locate all components of your system
  • confirm components against original plan
  • ensure all settings are per the design criteria e.g. float settings, pump controls, D Box distribution
  • test all components
  • reset as required


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